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Marketing Services

"A well planned and executed strategic marketing approach will grow your brand and increase your business in the most cost effective way possible. Unify your online and offline channels in order to present a cohesive, holistic plan for your future growth."

Market Research and Strategic Planning


Market Research and Strategic Planning often come hand in hand.  We always take a holistic view of your marketing approach, aligning your objectives to your business plan, always considering the customer journey experience and creating a strategic, tailored and practical Marketing Plan for your organisation.  Market research (qualitative or quantitative) often lays the foundation for your marketing approach, which could result in a re-brand, new advertising initiatives or change of social media tactic. We aim to take a step back and look at your objectives for Strategic Planning by:


  • Identifying core marketing aims and objectives

  • Key target audiences

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Research, costing and identify key events

  • Identify key marketing materials and PR opportunities

  • Unify the brand so it is timely, smooth, complimentary and sophisticated



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


If you find the idea of SEO daunting, don’t panic. You aren’t alone! Using both established and cutting-edge new techniques, our aim is to get you on the lowest page number for your targeted search terms on Google, Yahoo and Bing as soon as possible – because if you aren’t there already you can be certain you’re losing valuable business.


Social Media Marketing


Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms have become essential marketing tools for both online and offline businesses. Social media connects you instantly with thousands of potential customers on a personal level. More recently, it has also become an essential component of SEO. On the downside, however, social media campaigns can be difficult and time-consuming to set up and manage. They can also backfire and work against you if you get them wrong. For this reason most of our clients leave the task to our social media professionals. We’ll create a multi-channel online presence, maximise the prominence of your brand and help you gain the competitive edge.


Lead Generation


We provide a lead generation service utilising both on-line and off-line marketing tools that represents incredible value for money. Whilst we do not tie our clients into long term contracts, our aim is always to build long term relationships.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is a highly popular form of direct marketing - and rightly so: it is low cost and the results are measurable. We can advise on your email marketing strategy, design and distribute your mailings and report on the results. As with any form of direct marketing, follow up is highly recommended. Through our reporting mechanisms, we can tell you how may rospects have engaged with your communication.